White Label OVP (Online Video Provider) solution
Data traffic / Bandwidth included
10K Monthly subscription or full source code


Are you aware of the staggering monthly expenses of running an online video provider with developers, video streaming engineers, CDN and devops ?
Brace yourself, it's way beyond €10,000... without vod2live.tv

Time-to-market Video SAAS PAAS solution


Building and maintaining a team to develop an OVP that offers only a handful of VOD2Live features, streaming capabilities, and subpar video quality and playback reliability can take years of hard work.

AWS Cloudfront Microsoft Azure GCP Google Cloud Akamai Level3 Edgio Cloudflare Video Cost Optimization

Cloud cost optimization

As a AWS, GCP, or Azure user, breaking free from their dependency is crucial. Despite their enticing "per GB" prices, these offers only make sense for non-profit, small-scale, or starting businesses. Instead of relying on them for standard operations, it's best to reserve the use of these providers for exceptional cases such as remote destinations or unexpected traffic spikes.

Online video provider platform solution source code

Be in full control with the source code

Have a team of developers, architecture, and devops (and Chat-GPT like assistant ?) already in place to handle maintenance and delivery? Then, grab the full source code now and save a significant amount of time in launching and optimizing your video platform with a ready-to-use solution.

  • How much bandwidth / data traffic is included every month with the subscription?

    150 TB is included. As an example, this only costs already more than €10,000 with AWS Cloudfront (and it costs a lot more to have all features developed, maintained and hosted). You can still use any other hosting or cloud solutions on top of the included one, either as the main solution or as a backup.

  • Can I choose enabled features and pricing?

    You have complete freedom to create subscription plans that suit your needs, which include available features, storage and delivery data limits, and per-use pricing, or a combination of these. You can charge per GB/TB or per minute as per your preference. We can also develop additional complementary features upon request to add more value or differentiation to your platform.

  • Does the platform receive regular updates?

    Not only it receives updates, but as a subscriber you can also contribute to new streaming-related features. Innovation is in our genes (first a la carte webradio solution in 2000, first private podcasts subscriptions in 2005, first streaming iOS Apps in 2009, first VOD2Live solution in 2012, first Live+VOD2Live play-out system in 2015), so you are sure to be in the forefront of new developments in the streaming media market.

  • Can I use it just to run my own B2C video platform?

    If your current or upcoming monthly technical costs are set to exceed €10,000 (since cloud costs and engineering costs can escalate quickly), or you don'tv want to manage the technical part internally, this is an ideal solution for you.

  • Can I get the full source code?

    Certainly! If you don't want a subscription, we offer the complete source code (LEMP + bash scripts) to kickstart your streaming platform if you already have a team of developers in place. You can opt for partial or complete autonomy, as we provide updates with new features every season. Additionally, we offer three months of support to facilitate startup and integration. To ensure a mutual understanding of the scope, we require a one-month vod2live.tv subscription before requesting the full source code. Get 20 days of support included (to convert code to some other languages such as Python or Golang), educate existing developers, etc)

  • Is there a possibility of a subscription price increase after the service is initiated?

    Our pricing policy does not involve any increase beyond inflation. We have introduced this solution to tackle the inevitable rise in costs (with increasing activity) of GAFAM's cloud-based solutions. If you are concerned about future costs or do not anticipate salary hikes, purchasing the full source code will always be a viable option.

  • What is the catch?

    There are no hidden agendas here. We have been in the live streaming industry since 2000 (with Kioskradio), worked on providing offline and live transcoding services for cellular and Wifi to major networks between 2006 and 2012 (Multicast, RTP, HTTP Streaming), and have been offering VOD2Live solutions since 2012. During this time, we have developed and used several features, all of which can be tested on iReplay.TV by anyone. iReplay.TV is among the very few services that demonstrate video playback quality and reliability on its homepage. According to market experts, CDN costs are excessively high. From 2023, we are making our solutions available to anyone who wants to either enter the streaming industry quickly or reduce external costs or engineering costs to maintain its video platform.


Onlive video platforms with vod2live.tv tech until 2022


24/7 TV Channels (VOD2Live / FAST)


Streamers and podcast publishers


Managed Assets


Included bandwidth / GB traffic per month

What We Provide

No matter what your streaming requirements are, we offer a comprehensive technical solution to meet them all

Ready-to-use streaming platform

Live streaming, VOD, podcasting (including private paid podcast subscriptions), VOD2Live, a ready-to use back office and streaming platform are provided.


Ingest, live/offline transcoding, and packaging services are provided to ensure the most optimized delivery for your live streaming, VOD streaming, edge manifest manipulation for VOD2Live, FAST and personalized TV channels, as well as downloads


Whether it is customer support, the development of additional features to enrich or differentiate your video platform, or custom app creation, we are always available to assist you.

Judge our 24/7 video streaming quality by yourself